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To go in the dark with a light is to know the light.
To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight,
and find that the dark, too, blooms and sings,
and is traveled by dark feet and dark wings.

Wendell Berry
In the Empire's Service
18 years 3 months 18 days
Ever since its foundation in 1999, the Blessed Darkness fleet has been fighting for the Greater Glory of the Empire. Wherever it goes the Imperial Order shines at its brightest. The darkness that follows... is a blessing.
SYSTEM: News Management & Translation Options
29 Mar, 2011 | Reef
New modules for a more convenient news management have been added to the system. When active they are providing the flow of updated content on specified topics without the need for a human operator. This feature will be first tested on Star Wars: The Old Republic portal’s new forum: Galactic News.

Another new feature allows for quick translations of forums’ posts. The translation is being done into a user’s preferred language. Due to technical limitations it's far from perfect and works well only with small posts. As a quick fix it'll do for now but I'm going to work on a more reliable solution later. After all it's a really useful option for international clans.
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SYSTEM: Welcome to New Sections & Forums
09 Mar, 2011 | Reef
Upon the completion of additional moderation options new sections and forums were added to the system. One for MMO Games and another for Gaming Communities.

These sections are the first building stones of the portal's support for different games and gamers. If you're interested in creation of a portal dedicated to your favourite game or need a place for your guild, let us know and we'll gladly assist you.
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SYSTEM: Forums Categorization Modules Added
04 Mar, 2011 | Reef
The engine modules for forum categorization have been added. Now the top menu’s link Forums is linked to the portal forums listing.

The categorization can be done at different levels of unlimited depth. The presentation is done the way everyone would expect it to be done these days, except probably for a stress on the engine’s localization features and catering for international communities.

There’s still some additional information about categories’ statistics can be added but at the moment there’re more important things to do and it’ll be done a bit later.
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SYSTEM: “Free Fall” is on!
06 Feb, 2011 | Reef
Since everything is going on smoothly we’re moving to the next step in expanding the portal’s features. Now a new section is accessible at the main top menu – Forums.

Until it’s decided what other sections/forums are going to be needed/requested the first forum that goes live there is Free Fall. This forum can be used for testing, off-topic discussions, inter-project communications, and so on, and so on. Which probably makes it more flooding grounds than testing… but I’m sure there’s a difference between these two concepts even if it’s hard to define what exactly the difference is. Well, maybe that’s why the forum gets its particular name...

Also adding to the general confusion the forum is multilingual and so you can post there in your preferred language (English or Russian for the time being). I’m not quite sure how well it’s going to work but we shall see.
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SYSTEM: The engine's beta test is open for public
31 Jan, 2011 | Reef
The StrayBit engine has finally reached the stage when it’s stable enough to put most of its finished classes for open testing. Though earlier versions had already been used in various projects it’s the very first time that all the engine’s base classes were sewed in one abomination… um… programming package and put at the portal (or for Russian community).

The difference between the domains is that & have different System News forums in order to avoid confusion in what forum what language should be used. All the domains can be surfed in any activated languages (English & Russian for the time being). More forums will be activated as soon as I’m sure everything goes well. / portal is meant to be of an entertaining persuasion so it’s going to have whatever its community finds interesting. At the moment the foremost plans include building a Role-playing sub-portal for a soon to be released MMORPG set in the Star Wars Universe – Star Wars: The Old Republic and providing useful services for gaming communities – clans, guilds, etc. regardless of games they’re involved in.

Registration is open for all so, go ahead and register – you won’t need another registration for any of the Portal’s future projects. You can use this thread as a testing ground for trying out the Portal’s features.
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Cartel Market Specials: Week of September 19, 2017
18 Sep, 2017 |
Don the Ruthless Scion battle armor, unbox the popular Warbound Crusader Pack at half off, and more!

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