Mickey buys Star Wars
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Mickey buys Star Wars
31 Oct, 2012 19:29:44 | Reef
Walt Disney Co agreed to buy filmmaker George Lucas's Lucasfilm Ltd and its "Star Wars" franchise for $4.05 billion in cash and stock, a blockbuster deal that includes the surprise promise of a new film in the series in 2015.

Disney to buy "Star Wars" producer for $4.05 bln

Well I guess it's one of those WTF moments... Honestly, I'm not quite sure if it'is a good or a bad news. I like The Pirates of the Caribbean film series so, I think it might be possible that the franchise is actually in the better hands now. Considering Jar Jar Binks, and whatnot. Let's hope this sell out won't kill the Star Wars Universe we've used to love.
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Feb, 2011
05 Nov, 2012 14:33:20 перевести
Sounds like new movies for a new gen. of SW fans. I just hope they won't do re-makes of the org's. If they do make new episodes I hope they retain the "feel" of the org.
Then again the original movies "fit" because of the time they came out. The world has changed since then and so have the people. Star Wars has become a powerful myth for our generation. Only time will tell if it will remain as powerful for the next gen.
Lets hope that Disney respects Joseph Campbell the way Lucas did. IMO he was just as important to SW as Lucas was.
 El Administrador 
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Jan, 2011
07 Nov, 2012 17:48:17 перевести
Since they're planning to make new movies every 3 years or so, I hope they'll have no time to screw with the originals.
"The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley..."
Blessed Darkness /  News & Announcements
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