Update 1.2 goes live
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Update 1.2 goes live
12 Apr, 2012 19:49:41 | Reef
The servers are up after the maintenance with the new Game Update 1.2 applied to them. Besides the new content (Lost Island - a new Flashpoint, Explosive Conflict - a new Operation, Novare Coast - a new objective-oriented Warzone) there's an enormous number of fixes, changes and updates to crafting, class abilities, combat mechanics, UI, and other aspects of the game. The list of the most significant changes can be found in the patch notes.

Unfortunately, the ranked warzones were excluded from the 1.2 update. They will be added gradually after additional testing. While the ranked warzones are unavailable their commendations needed for buying the new PvP set of War Hero armor can be obtained through daily/weekly PvP missions.
перевести  | комментарии (2)
Feb, 2011
13 Apr, 2012 13:04:02 перевести
I've played post patch. Legacy is pretty cool. I didn't have much time so I PvP'ed with my Sorc. LvL35. I'm madness spec so I didn't notice any nerf. She finished third place on the card as far as damage went. Also got a medal for a heal crit 3880 lol go figure that one out.
 El Administrador 
1 026
Jan, 2011
13 Apr, 2012 19:33:02 перевести
Damn... the servers are still off-line... at least because of that I've had time to visit all our recruiting topics on SWTOR forums .
"The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley..."
Blessed Darkness /  News & Announcements
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