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News Management & Translation Options
29 Mar, 2011 22:10:14 | Reef
New modules for a more convenient news management have been added to the system. When active they are providing the flow of updated content on specified topics without the need for a human operator. This feature will be first tested on Star Wars: The Old Republic portal’s new forum: Galactic News.

Another new feature allows for quick translations of forums’ posts. The translation is being done into a user’s preferred language. Due to technical limitations it's far from perfect and works well only with small posts. As a quick fix it'll do for now but I'm going to work on a more reliable solution later. After all it's a really useful option for international clans.
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 El Administrador 
1 026
Jan, 2011
02 Apr, 2011 20:59:30 перевести
All right, the Galactic News forum's receiving news and everything goes on smoothly. I'd like to open a Russian news forum too but unfortunately I don’t have time for translation of large articles on regular basis. If somebody is interested in such a project and would like to be an editor-in-chief for the Russian news section, please let me know.
"The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley..."
Системные /  News
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