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Forums Categorization Modules Added
04 Mar, 2011 21:57:10 | Reef
The engine modules for forum categorization have been added. Now the top menu’s link Forums is linked to the portal forums listing.

The categorization can be done at different levels of unlimited depth. The presentation is done the way everyone would expect it to be done these days, except probably for a stress on the engine’s localization features and catering for international communities.

There’s still some additional information about categories’ statistics can be added but at the moment there’re more important things to do and it’ll be done a bit later.
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 El Administrador 
1 026
Jan, 2011
05 Mar, 2011 19:40:46 перевести
Found some system bugs which shouldn't actually affect anyone but if you meet any error messages please report them in the Free Fall forum or through Contact Us form.
"The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley..."
Системные /  News
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